‘House of FRED. is a meeting space for woman with a sparkling personality. Here you can be yourself, we take the time to assist you and we see to it that you can escape the everyday frenzy for a while. That’s what we stand for at Cozy Pillow and I hope you will feel your stay with us is warm and personal. Whenever I want to get away from the bustle of the city, I love to walk the beautiful route from our home to Tea House Rhijnauwen or to the Veldkeuken. Rhijnauwen is an area on the outskirts of Utrecht that is pretty all year round as every season comes with a beauty of its own.’

‘At House of FRED. we aim to provide good and straightforward advice to ensure every woman leaves the store with a positive feeling and a smile on her face. I’d be happy also to show you what our city has to offer. Going for a walk in the Wilhelminapark or along the Singel makes me happy. It’s important to take care of yourself. If you take good care of your inner being, the beauty on the outside will come naturally. Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.’

‘The combination of magnificent brands and personal attention makes shopping at FRED. a great experience. I will be delighted to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Feel free to come up to me also for tips on the nicest spots in town. Have been been to the Mariaplaats yet? It’s a good place to go for lunch, dinner or a drink, and at times, you can hear the beautiful music from the conservatory across the street.’

‘FRED.’s strength lies in our careful customer service and our wide range of products. I will help you with a smile and happily offer you a drink while you’re looking around in the shop. Would you like to escape the city for a few hours to relax in nature? You might fancy going to the Gagelpolder, a beautiful natural area just outside the city. I can tell you exactly how to get there. We do everything to make sure you will have an amazing experience with a personal touch!’

A privilege to support this sweet team of house of FRED with something I really love to do! Letting someone be the best version of themselves. Cozy Pillow completes the concept. Our enthusiastic guests make me so happy.

House of FRED is the shop where you can make the best combinations with the nicest brands. For everyone and for every occasion and every moment. I hope to meet you soon. Be glad to be there for you.

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